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Based in New Zealand, EVPORT is an one-stop-solution for all your electric vehicle charging needs

EVPORT Home EV Charger AC 7.4kW Smart Tethered

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What is EVPORT ?

We provide a comprehensive range of services to support the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure

  • We work with businesses, government, and other organizations to install, operate, and maintain public/semi-public EV charging stations. And provide a fast growing EV charging network for New Zealand EV owners.
  • We specialize in providing high-quality and reliable charging equipment for electric vehicles. We offer a wide range of EV charging products, from home to business, from Tethered to Portable, from AC to DC.
  • We provide software and technology solutions to help manage EV charging stations, track energy usage, and provide billing and payment services. Our eMobility service help individuals, businesses, and government transition to EVs and support the growth of the EV market.


We offer a wide range of EV charging products, from Home to Business


Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to freedom with our EV Charging Network


Join us in driving the electric revolution, with our EV Charging Business Partnership Program

Why choose us

Choose EVPORT for a charging experience you can rely on! We are passionate about providing you with the best possible service and unwavering in our commitment to your satisfaction. Join us in driving towards a cleaner and greener future with our EV Charging solutions.

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