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  • Sale! EVPORT Home EV Charger AC 7.4kW Socket

    EVPORT Home Charger AC 7.4kW Basic Socket with RFID Card Control

    $499.00$549.00 (GST inclusive)
    Simplicity meets speed: Plug in and power up with ease
    • 7.4kW, Single Phase (1P) Max 32A. 4x faster charging speeds than a portable charger, ~50km range added per hour
    • Type2 Socket. Compatible with all EVs
    • 3 Color LED indication (Blue, Green, and Red)
    • Plug in & Charge
    • Built-in RDC-DD (Aligning with NZ WorkSafe EV Charging safety guidelines, we only require the installation of a Type A RCD)
    • IP54 rating. Weatherproof